ESXi 5: Expanding datastore by extending local array

Recently i extended my RAID 5 array by replacing one-by-one hdd’s with bigger ones and waiting for each to rebuild.

All the instructions are executed on a HP DL360 G6 with an SmartArray P410i controller with only one logicaldisk.

It is highly recommended that you backup all your VM’s before executing a single command – everything worked fine for me but one error in a command could leas to a complete data loss of everything!

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ProLiant G6 and acpitabl.dat

Had recently an ProLiant DL370 G6 which had an installed Windows Server 2008 that stopped working after doing HP Updates.

I had the following symptoms:
– Windows  is booting forever in the splashscreen
– in Safe Mode Windows stopped at “acpitabl.dat”
– PXE Boot was very slow – about 5 seconds reaction time between Keystrokes

After changing all Hardware, including Network Card and Array Controller P410, HP Technical provided us with the solution:

The Array Controller need to be placed in Slot 7 (it was in Slot 2) AND we had to clear the NVRAM (this is switching a dipswitch as shown in the Manual of that System)

Changing the Array Controller rendered Windows usable again, clearing the NVRAM recovered the PXE function useable :)

Hail to the King ;)