Evening Project: The Brain Machine

May 16, 2010 at 17:52 (Electronics) (, , , , , , , )

Recently, well 1 year ago, i readed in The Make Zine about a Project called “The Brain Machine”.

This is a modified Atmel circuit that claims: “Get altered states of consciousness with this microcontroller-driven sound and light device.” by Mitch Altman.

I really enjoyed listening to the Videos and wanted to try it myself, just because it looks so funny to sit there with brainlooping  glasses in your face :)

So i decided to rebuild the whole Project but without the extra led’s that were original and without the Serial Connector because i have a Parallel ISP Interface for the Atmel Microcontrollers.

Download the firmware and instructions here:
(Scroll to “Project: Make your own Brain Machine (from MAKE Magazine #10)”)

I used these Schematics without all the Serial Stuff:

This device really rocks you into some deep trance state when you want it :))

All credits go to Mitch Altman.


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