Microsoft, please get a XBOX QA-Responsible!

February 1, 2010 at 17:17 (Computer, Everything Else) (, , , , )

Lol lol lol…

What i really like when i hear “Microsoft” is that they want to make good products but they always manages to make a very uber big FAIL.
I must say im not a fan of this company – but i use, like a lot of people, some of their products.

Today i started playing XBOX360 () in a free time schedule i had between my job and my familiy…
Playing playing pla, – zzzz – Freeze
Damn. Ok no prob. Console turned off and on again.

But what the heck is that?! 3 red lights?
Fuck! This is the red ring of death.

After some google it is clear that – because it’s a console made in the begining of 2006 – i have a problem with my gpu or ram or something else hardware based.

Lol i thought – microsoft not only manages to crash my win7 work comuter and htc mobile, they even build gaming consoles that self-destroy!

Also too funny i have no warranty anymore so it is up to me to repair it or throw it out of the window on the street. Some some more hours of google i decided to burn the Motherboard with a hot air gun as shown in this Video:
XBOX 360 Hot Air Gun Fix

So before i can cook the Motherboard i have to open up the console, i used this tutorial it rip off all unneeded things:
XBOX 360 Open Tutorial

In the end – i can’t belive it – it really worked!
I tried the game for at least 3 hours without graphic errors or system freezes.

Here are some pics of my action:

I just thank god my car is not labled “Microsoft” :)

Edit: I played several days and i didn’t got any Problems.. Hurray! ;)


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