Recovering an D-Link DWL-2100AP after failed flash

September 16, 2009 at 13:27 (Computer) (, , , , )

My Colleague, namely Predictor, gave me recently a DWL-2100Ap which he managed to brick in trying to date the firmeware uo to a more recent.

A little while i didn’t find any Documents about it but then i found a simple description that shows me the Serial Port on that box.

After that i found some notices that D-Link has an backup-image that is loaded after a failed firmware update.

The trick is that you don’t reach that backup image Webconsole via – which is standard for this system- but, then you can just give it a new Firmware and everything is fine again :)


This document let me to the right direction (don’t understand italia language but i can read the IP’s ;):

I “mirrored” the file in case the above Website is offline:



  1. Predictor said,

    Super Sache und Big THX!!!
    Kannst du das PDF evtl. noch auf deinen Webspace kopieren, denn ich habe die schmerzliche Erfahrung machen dürfen dass Seiten einfach verschwinden und dann waren meine verweise wertlos.
    Wir wollen ja nicht dass das auch dir passiert.

    Ähh hätte ich das nun in engl schreiben sollen?


    • devbios said,

      ;) Passt schon :P

      Leider kann ich auf WP nix hochladen…

      Ok ok ich hab nicht genau geschaut… ist oben ^^

  2. Paul said,

    What type of flash file would you use to back flash the AP. I have download all of the .tfp files up till 213 and none of them work. I get write flash fail on the device using the backdoor of any advice?

    • devbios said,

      Hi Paul,

      i just searched google and the first one i used worked properly.
      If you constantly get a write failture, maybe you’re using the wrong flash files for your device type or your flash is damaged..

  3. Rainer Stahl said,

    Hi, I flashed my DWL-2100AP HW4 with the following file: DWL2100AP-v250na-rc374.tfp downloaded from the taiwanese website of dlink. The file was validated correctly (a file with “eu” extension was rejected, my AP had natively FW ver. 2.30na), flashed correctly and finally I had to klick on “ok” to reset the AP. since then I cant access the webinterface. Neither nor works. Connecting power the LED lights correctly, if I connect via cable to a computer I get confirmation of an 100mbits connection and the LAN light lights up. How may I communicate to the AP again?

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